Custom iPod Mount

Items needed:
Panavise Upper Dash Mount
2004 Golf/Jetta Upper Mount - 75138-404
1999-2003 Golf/Jetta Upper Mount - 75138-499
Note: The InDash mount can be purchased from

(1) Can flat black spraypaint
(1) 8in. X 10in. piece of Duraplex Plexiglas
(1) Package of JB Kwik
400 Grit Sandpaper
(1) Pack of 1-1/2" X 5/8" corner brackets
(1) Pack of 8-32" X 3/4" flat slotted screws with nuts
Drill with a 5/32" drill bit

Here is a picture of everything that was bought at Lowes 

The first thing that needs to be done is put the iPod docking station on top of the plexiglas and draw an outline of the docking station onto it with a marker. 

Next you will have to cut out the shape out with whatever you have available.   

After you have the shape cut out, you can go ahead and sand the whole piece down with the 400 grit sandpaper.  Make sure to sand every part of the piece.  This will scuff up the surface and prep it for paint.

Next is setting up the mount to hold the docking station.  You are going to take two of the corner brackets and bend them making sure that they are both bend at the same angle.  Bend them in small increments.  You want to bend them so that when you put them flush to the dash mount, the top of the brackets will be parallel with the floor or the car. 

Now you are going to attack the corner brackets to the dash mount with the flat slotted screws.  Go to your car and test fit the dash mount in your car.  Again, make sure that the corner brackets are bent to a decent angle.  You don't want it to be under or over bent.  This will cause the iPod not to sit correctly in the docking station. 

Once you are sure the corner brackets are bent correctly and sitting good on the dash mount, go ahead and mark the two top holes to prep the dash mount to be drilled.  After you still the holes in the dash mount, attack the corner brackets again to make sure you drilled the holes accuratly.   

Now you can move into the prep of the docking station.  Tape up all of the connections to prevent any dust from getting into or on them.  Sand it with 400 grit sandpaper.  Remove the tape and clean the docking station of any remaining dust.  Retape it and you are ready to paint it. 

Here is what the docking station looks like after you are done painting it. 

Next we mixed up some JB Kwik to put behind the corner brackets and on the plexiglas.
Note: If you live in a state where you have weather colder than 40 degrees, you may not want to use JB Kwik to mount the plexiglas on the top of the corner brackets.  Instead, use 3M Molding Tape.           

We also added some JB Kwik to the screws to make sure they don't go anywhere. 

Let the JB Kwik sit for a good hour to make sure it has dried.  Go ahead and paint the mount with the flat black spraypaint.

Here is how it turned out after the paint dried.         

Now you can mount the docking station onto the top of the dash mount.  3M Molding Tape was used incase the docking station ever had to be removed.

Here is the final product ready to be installed into your VW!