iPod CD-Changer

Items needed:
Apple iPod
RCA to 1/8" Stereo Cable
Radio Shack #42-2550 
20' 1/8" Stereo Extention
Radio Shack #42-2561 

First let me start off by saying that I owe a big thanks to Ed Schlunder for developing and making the VWCDPIC.  Without this chip, I would have to buy the adapter that is made by Blitzsafe for more than double the price of what I bought the VWCDPIC for.

The install is pretty straight forward.  Although it looks easy as pie to install, you must be careful not to install the VWCDPIC backwards.  This will cause you to connect the power supply to the VWCDPIC thus frying the chip.

Here is a diagram on the proper way to install the VWCDPIC. 

Once you have the VWCDPIC pick attached to your CD-Changer harness, you can then attach the RCA to 1/8" stereo cable to the VWCDPIC.  Be careful when connecting the RCA's to the chip.  Be sure to hold the back of the RCA connector on the chip.  It isn't that sturdy and will break easier than you think.

Now take the 20' stereo extension and connect that to the end of the stereo end that is already connected to the VWCDPIC.  This is the cable you will be running to the front of your car.  The stereo end will plug right into your iPod.

When you turn your radio on, select the CD button.  The VWCDPIC will fool the head unit into thinking that there is an OEM CD-Changer connected, thus allowing you to use your iPod as your CD-Changer.